Celebrating Christmas!


              Christmas is coming up in about 8 days. On Christmas we celebrate by opening presents and hanging out with family. A few things I`d like for Christmas is Roshe Runs for volleyball and just wearing around, some new clothes and probably gift cards. Since it was just my birthday, I don’t expect a lot for Christmas I just like to hang out with family. Christmas is probably another favorite holiday of mine because I love to look at all the lights and the tree and hot coco and just everything about it. I`m not a big fan of the winter but, Christmas is fun to celebrate when its cold and foggy outside. The spirit of Christmas brings lots of joy for me and my family.

Being Sick; Remedies & Tips


On Sunday, I caught a cold. Being sick is really miserable and boring. When I`m sick my parents are usually working and I have to take care of myself. From being sick so many times, here`s a tips and guide to getting better.

  • Most people spend a lot of time being sick in their room. So, always keep a clean environment, clean up all your tissues and make your bed. Don’t forget to always wash your hands and keep good hygiene.
  • A good tip I found, was too keep or use temporarily a humidifier. It keeps the air moist around you to breath and open up your nasal passage ways.
  • Keep your self hydrated. Drink lots of fluid like water. I like to drink Gatorade because it gives you lots of energy to hydrate your body.
  • Take Medicine that accommodates your sickness. Make sure you always have your parents help you.
  • FOOD! Sometimes, you don`t like to eat when your sick, but its always good to eat something like soup or crackers.
  • Keep your self warm in bed with socks and blankets, and turn off the electronics. Its always good to get plenty of sleep… Don’t worry about the social world.

I hope some of these tips and trick help you get better!

My Audit of my Blog

  • How many posts did you write? 18 post’s
  • How many were school based, your own interests or set by the challenge? About 4 were school based, and the rest were set by the challenge.
  • How many comments did you receive from classmates, teachers or overseas students? I have only got 6 comments.
  • Which post received the most comments? Why do you think that happened? None of my post received the most comments.
  • Which post did you enjoy writing the most and why? I enjoyed writing my “dress code” post because I got to speak my mind.
  • Did you change blog themes at all and why? I have only changed once, because of the holiday change.
  • How many widgets do you have? Do you think this is too many or not enough? I only have two widgets, my cat and clustr maps, and i think this is enough because it doesn’t distract the visitors from reading my post’s.
  • How many overseas students do you have on your blogroll? I have one from the UK and 6 from Australia so that’s a total of 7 people.
  • Which web tools did you use to show creativity on your blog? I used some Google images for my header. I also used some of the things that came with edublogs to create the colors and template for my page.

Global Issues on Animals



A big issue in our environment in is the global issue of Animal abuse. Lots of Animals across the country are being harassed and beat by farmers and even local restaurant owners. Sometimes it can be in the ocean when trash strangles the fish and other wildlife. In the ocean most fish are tested and found with plastic inside of them, many of them mistake plastic for smaller bits of food and that not good. They`re are many science labs test lots of animals for they`re products.

Some possible solutions to stop the animal cruelty about the world are donating to certain foundations like PETA which help prevent science labs from testing on animals. PETA also helps with local farms who do not let animals free roam and keep them in tight and unclean spaces. Another thing is to help stop pollution like trash, which leads into the ocean.

We can all stop animal cruelty by just a few things. We can stand up for the restaurants and stores that are abusing animals. If we pick up trash around our community or at our local beaches, it might not be a lot but that small percentage we can keep out of our ocean can help the animals. For example the plastic soda can toppers that fall into the ocean, those can get stuck around fishes, turtles and certain wild animals like seals and walrus`s in the ocean. Even a small amount can help the wildlife and can stop the decrease of animals.



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School Day

Here is a typical school day for me…

Wake Up: 6:00 AM

When I leave for school and how I get there: 7:35 AM by car

Start School: 8:00 AM

Number of Classes: 7 Classes

Names of Classes: Team, Language Arts, History, Math, Technology, P.E

What breaks do you have during school? Two, recess and lunch

What do you do during school breaks? I usually hang out and eat with friends.

What do you do after school? I have soccer practice for two hours.

Planning a Trip!

When I plan my first trip I`ll be going to Kauai Hawaii. I chose this place because the weather will be beautiful and there is lots of things to do. I`ve already got my flight all planned out. I will be leaving November 23rd and coming back December 1st. It will be kind of expensive but I`ll be in first class and it will be a 5 hour flight. Once I land we will land at the Lihue Airport in Kauai Hawaii. This first thing I`ll do is go to my hotel the Grand Hyatt Resort. Now here are some of the things i have planned to do…

!. Visit the farmers market the next morning.


2. Go hiking to Waterfalls.


3. Go get some great food.


Favorite Holidays


Two events that are coming up that I`m so exited about are thanksgiving and my birthday. They both fall on the same day every four years the twenty-seventh. I absolutely love thanksgiving and all the food and family that comes over to visit is awesome. I`m turning fourteen years old. I love the vibe that thanksgiving gives off like just being with family and celebrating. I find it so bizarre that every four years it lands on my birthday because of the leap year. Also, the best part is that since my birthday is on thanksgiving I get one week off school so basically like a birthday break. I think its ridiculous the amount of mom my food makes, stuffed turkey, corn and mash potatoes and sometimes she`ll even ask if i want special things on my birthday. This is why I look forward to the end of the year…

The Orgin of Halloween



Halloween was first created by the western and many non-Christians. It is celebrated every October 31, and includes costume parties, trick or treating, and scary haunted houses. According to Wikipedia, Halloween is also known as Hallowe`en, Allhallowe`en, All Hallows` Eve and All Saints` Eve.

Lots of people celebrate Halloween by dressing up in silly or scary costumes and go around their neighborhood door to door trick or treating. Some like me this year, go to parties on or the day after Halloween and celebrate by dancing and eating food. This year I`m going to be two things, either Minnie Mouse or I’m going to make a shirt that says Error 404 Costume not found.

Trick or treating and the corny haunted houses are probably my favorite aspects of Halloween. You always know if someone is home during Halloween if they`re yard is all decorated and scary. I think the haunted houses are pretty sweet too. Although I`m not one to like to be scared I think its the whole ideal picture of Halloween!


A Story in 5 Pictures






Where I see Inequality?


In my school I see diverse inequalities between girls and boys dress code. I believe that if “boys will be boys” and showing my shoulder will distract the whole entire population, that girls should be allowed to be who they want to be. I understand that there are some girls who feel that they want to dress to get attention, but me personally my friends and I don`t. I feel like enforcing a dress code all the time is provoking rapism and showing its a right thing, when us (girls) should be fighting against it because its our fault boys cannot control themselves. We wear shorts and tank-tops because its very hot outside and we live in a city where the winter is usually like 80 degrees. Boys barley ever get dress coded at our school and its not fair. We should be aloud to wear what we want and not get judged by staff members for a off the shoulder shirt. I know that some people don`t agree with my opinion and it probably wont change but, sooner or later I would like to stand up for the girls who are getting labeled and judged dependent on what they wear.

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